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Tuesday 10:14pm

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A while back, several months ago I'd say, I had an interesting dream about the end of the world.

It was interesting, because it was about the second coming of Christ.  Only it didn't happen the way anyone expected.  There was very little fan fare.  No mass deaths, war, destruction, or disappearances.  Things largely continued as normal.

I remember seeing a bright light that continued to grow until it was all encompassing until it engulfed the world, but it wasn't unpleasant.  Where the light landed, there was the kingdom of God.  A few things happened right away.  No one died anymore or got sick.  Christians no longer had any sin or were even able to sin or even wanted to sin.  The unsaved or unrepentant didn't die.  I don't think they got sick either, but they could still sin if they chose to.  Christians and non-Christians still walked around the earth and interacted, but soon discovered that they didn't really have anything in common with each other.  Sinners slowly or quickly, depending on the person, sooner or later, migrated further and further away from the Celestial city.

Within the city the greater the glory was toward the center of the city.  The city itself would continue to grow in holiness, prosperity, and a myriad of other ways for eternity.

Outside of the city was war and destruction and literally hell he further away the sinner migrated.  As the sinner learned more about himself and what he wanted and didn't want, he would find himself more "comfortable" going away from the celestial city, so that he could pursue his sinful desires without feeling condemned by the Christians.  The more he sinned, the more he and others would experience the consequences of sin.  His hardened heart would only become more hardened the further away he traveled from the Celestial city.

It was in the beginning of the dream that the Christian and the sinner were the most alike.  The sinner with his hardened heart was nevertheless almost tender to the idea of salvation.  The Christian on the other hand was almost contemplative towards the sinner.  Still, neither would or could become what the other was.

The dream did go on for a while.  It would be interesting if this were to be turned into a short story.


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