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Wednesday 1:14pm

Date Posted:

Day 57

Yesterday did not go quite so well as far as studying goes.  Today is going somewhat smoother.  I am on page 5 of my book.  I do not know how many pages there are altogether.  My status reports will slowly, but steadily become more detailed as the days go by.

Right now I am taking a small break to peruse my site to see what articles need a tuneup.

Update 10:35pm I am currently working on page 9 of General Anatomy.  I hope to get through at least page 10 tonight.  I added a new link to Part 1 Boards Progress to remind myself that Boards are coming up and time is an issue.

As I study I today have found myself easily distracted, but my resolve is also growing.  I post here as a way to keep myself accountable to my responsibilities.

I do not want to fall into the trap that some Palmer students fall into where they graduate and do not practice.  I would be ashamed of myself if that were to become the case.  I will do what is necessary to do my duty and be the doctor that I am.

I have decided to start and focus on General Anatomy because as a Chiropractor I feel I should know that area quite well, so I am making sure I know that first, last, and best.  God willing I will pass my boards and be a Chiropractor soon.

site version 4.29.25 HTML Tags now works with editing left sidebar links.  This is a bug fix.

12:40pm Done for tonight.  I finished page 10.  I should have a lot of time to study tomorrow.  The first 6 of 10 pages will be a bit lengthy, but I am still gonna try for loosely memorizing another 10 pages of anatomy tomorrow.


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