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Wednesday 2:02am

Date Posted:

All of the files have finished downloading.  Running the transferred swkotor games worked just fine, but I did have to reenter the installation key.  I installed the official nvidia drivers as opposed to the ones from the Windows Update page.  This allowed me to actually play the swkotor games.  The audio drivers were reinstalled by my roommate, so I can't really comment on that.  I installed flash.  Installed the Zune desktop theme.  "Turn off monitor, hard disks, standy" settings were set to "never".  Used Large quick launch icons.

I reinstalled k–lite codecs, but I had to use my installation guide to install it.  Installation of this was tricky, but after I followed my instructions I can now play dvds and toggling full screen will display the correct aspect ratio again with out those annoying vertical black bars.  I notice that I have come to enjoy WMP again.  The other user for the computer was deleted.

That's about all of the changes that I have made thus far that I can think of.


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