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Witch Hunter Robin DVD 5: Determination
Violence: some
Sex/Nudity: none
Runtime Episodes: 24m/26
Overall Rating: B
Artwork: A -
Story: B
Comments: None yet.
Voice Acting English: B+
Voice Acting Japanese: A -
Genre: Gothic, police, supernatural powers
Extras: more maelefica compendium, previews for Galaxy Angel, Dragon Drive, and Yukikaze, Interview with the Japanese voice actor of Haruto and interview with Japanese voice actor Doujima,

Date Reviewed: 1/3/07 Last Updated: 10/26/09

Basic Premise: Robin is officially designated a witch and is to be hunted.  Meanwhile Robin works with Nagira to try to uncover the mysteries surrounding STNJ, her birth, and what Solomon and Zaizen are really after.
Review: The series seems to have slowed down a lot.  It slowly uncovers a few mysteries episode by episode and there is still a witch that is hunted most episodes.  It just feels that the pacing has slowed down in order to draw out the second half of the seies, but not overly much.  If you need a witch hunter robin fix this DVD won't dissapoint or let you down, but I was expecting a bit more from this volume after the last.  The music and artwork are still good and the characters stay in character.  The action is just fine when there is action, predictably at the end, but the pacing is just too slow for me.  .hack/sign is much slower than this DVD, but this volume of WHR is just too slow for me.  The plot feels as if it has thinned a bit.  I feel like I am being overly harsh on this enjoyable series, so please don't just look at the negative things I have said.

It appears that Zaizen now works at the Factory and is at odds with Solomon headquarters even though he gets his funding from them.  His aims are quite political as he seeks to prove the usefulness of the orbo.  It is Zaizen proving his worth to HQ, STN-J that is hunting witches, but has very little idea what is going on as no one gives them any feedback as to what is going on or why Zaizen went missing.  Robin is so unsure of herself and whether she is a witch or not, but is being hunted as such by Solomon HQ.  She wonders if she should she turn herself in.  It is a hard question for Robin.  

It is believed that the fragment of wisdom augmented Robin's powers somehow, but the trouble begins when the fragment is stolen.  The last episode on this DVD holds the most value and is most revealing.  There are a lot of surprises and mysteries that are discovered and unraveled as many more peices of the puzzle are put together.  Honestly, I feel myself falling away from the characters.  I have seen this series several times and it is with this volume that my interest wanes a bit.

Conclusion: Still a good series, but the plot seems to thin out a bit with this DVD.  As always there are a good deal of extras as well with this DVD.

Publisher: Bandai
Related Website: Witch hunter Robin
Where Found: amazon, Suncoast
Copyright: 2002/2003
Author: Shukou Murase
If you enjoyed this anime try: None yet.


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