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Homosexuality –– Q & A
written by: admin

Date Written: 2/5/10 Last Updated: 5/28/14


I can't help but notice as I search online for arguments against gay marriage that the arguments for gay marriage outnumber the arguments against gay marriage about 20 – 30 to 1 and yet more people are for traditional marriage than same sex marriage.  The arguments for traditional marriage are more intelligent as well.  Neither side seems to counter the other's arguments which is rather frustrating.  I believe the real issue is that I have not run across them yet.

I am not sure how I want to tackle this page or how fast it will develop or in what direction.  For now I am just gathering information and putting pointed things I learn here.  In particular I want to put down those things that are relevant and which I have a difficult time finding the answers to.

Topics I want to cover include common arguments for and against same sex marriage, consequences of gay marriage, origins of homosexuality, leaving the homosexual lifestyle, and end with some helpful resources.

Common Arguments for same sex marriage

Same sex marriage is a Civil Right. Legally, Civil Rights are based on Race, Religion, Sex, National Origin, and Color.  The current goal is to get sexual orientation included in this list.  Currently it is not, but it is often a law.  The current debate is whether sexual orientation is one of the five listed above as seen with the prop 8 trial in California.

Who cares? I do.  Many people who want to establish marriage as one man and one woman.  People who want to be able to marry another person of the same sex.
It doesn't hurt anyone.  Legalizing same sex marriage makes the statement that gay marriage is just as valuable as heterosexual marriage.  Traditional marriage supporters believe that it is important to raise children with a mother and a father who are contractually joined together.  Gay marriage would be taught as acceptable in schools and kids will be encouraged to believe such since it is the law.
It doesn't affect Christians.  To legalize same sex marriage is to say that same sex marriage is acceptable.  Recent legal cases have also come into play that criminalize businesses and pastors who refuse to sell to same sex couples (for example a bed and breakfast couple was forced to close their business because they would not rent their room to a same sex couple) or clergy who refuse to marry same sex couples.
You have no right to impose your beliefs on me!  I vote.  All laws are based on moral values of the public.  There are checks and balances against contradictory laws.  Strangely, it is the pro same sex marriage group that is trying to impose their value system on everyone else whether they want it or not.  Not that that really matters much.
Gays are being prejudiced against.  There is a popular myth that homosexuals are an ethnic class or a minority.  Homosexuality is a behavior.  Homosexuals have the same rights as heterosexuals.  They can even marry, but not marry a person of the same sex.  "Marrying" someone of the same sex is not marriage.  That is something else.
I was born this way.  That is possible I suppose, but many people become homosexuals late in life and many others abandon the homosexual lifestyle as well as their desires.  Therefore I have to assume that it is learned or at least it can be unlearned.
I can't change.  Many people who were homosexuals would disagree with you.
I don't want to change.  That is certainly your choice, but a great many other homosexuals do want to change and do.
It's unconstitutional.  Yes, yes, based on the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment if homosexuals are a minority.  Homosexuality is a behavior, not an ethnicity.  Legally, a minority is any "identifiable and specially disadvantaged groups such as those based on race, religion, ethnicity, or national origin." Homosexuals are none of those.
Being against gay marriage or homosexuality is racist.  Again, homosexuality is not an immutable class.  There is no such thing as a race of homosexuals.  People can be upset about the behavior of homosexuality however.
Be tolerant of others.  People are tolerant of people that claim to be homosexuals.  Homosexuals are the ones trying to redefine marriage for everyone and forcing everyone to accept their definition of marriage.
If two people love each other what is the problem?  Same sex marriage is a radical change in our culture that can have vast repercussions down the line.  Of immediate concern is that various charitable organizations big and small are being forced to close, because they do not recognize same sex marriage, such as the Catholic adoption agency that will not let homosexuals adopt children they are caring for because it goes against their religious convictions.  Children are being taught in public schools that homosexuality is just as good, if not better than traditional marriage in Massachusetts.  Christians are not allowed to vote based on their religious beliefs in California.  Currently in the UK if you are Christian you are not allowed to adopt.
Gay marriage is better for gays, children, and society in general than if it were illegal.  Gay marriage should not be legal at all.  To legalize a problem does not make it better.
You are a bigot.  Quite the opposite.  Traditional marriage supporters want the best for their children and want to help homosexuals to see the dangers of homosexuality of which there are many.
Not being allowed to marry the person I love (spousal love) is no different than heterosexuals not being allowed to be married to their wife/husband.  This implies that homosexuals are a minority, which is just not true.
Gays are an oppressed class of people.  Gays are not a minority or immutable class, nor are they politically disadvantaged.
Church is hateful to gays.  Your position is based on nothing more than hate.  Traditional marriage supporters want the best for their children and want to help homosexuals to see the dangers of homosexuality of which there are many and want to help the ones that want to change out of their destructive lifestyle.
What about the good that can come from gay marriages?  To say that good can come of it is to say that same sex marriage is as good or better than heterosexual marriage.
Homophobe.  Supporters of traditional marriage merely want to preserve the traditional definition of marriage.  The word homophobe means a fear of homosexuals.  There is no fear here, but sympathy for the plight of homosexuals and their slavery to sin.
Doesn't the Bible say Judge not lest you be judged? Yes, it means that we are to judge ourselves by the same measure with which we judge others.  It is a chastisement to those that judge rashly or with a wrong attitude.  If we didn't judge at least ourselves then the Bible has little meaning.  If we didn't judge others at all then we would have little love for our brethren.

Common Arguments against same sex marriage

The value of marriage is diminished.  Marriage is not diminished, but redefined for all.  Thus it loses its meaning entirely.
Homosexuals are already allowed to marry.  To marry someone of the same sex is not marriage as is classically and commonly defined.
No rights are being denied to homosexuals.  Homosexuals want to legalize that which is currently illegal not regain a civil right.
Homosexuals are asking for special rights.  Homosexuals want to be treated as more than equal.  Currently it is illegal to speak ill of homosexuals under current hate crimes law, but it is not illegal for homosexuals to speak ill of heterosexuals or Christians to be more specific.
Homosexuals are not a special race or class as based on the U.S. Constitution.  To be defined or classified as a special class/minority as mentioned in the 14th amendment you must prove that you are a specially disadvantaged, immutable group with little political power, or oppressed, or religiously persecuted.  None of these are true for homosexuals, but all has been claimed at one point or another just because they are not allowed to marry someone of the same sex, which is not marriage at all.
Same sex marriage is about legalizing immorality.  Yes, Christians want to keep same sex marriage illegal based on their own religious beliefs.  Homosexuals would like to think that laws can not be made based on morality or Christian values, but there is no law that exists that is not based on morality.  To say that laws cannot be based on religious beliefs is to say that Christians cannot vote based on their principles, to which many non Christians very much agree to, but this is nothing more than religious persecution.
Free speech is hindered.  If same sex marriage were legalized then saying that homosexuality is a sin will become illegal.  Actually this is currently the law of the land in recent hate crimes legislation by the government.
speaking against homosexuality becomes hate speech.  This is currently true.
It hurts kids.  Homosexuals believe that kids fare just as well without a mother or a father.  Each gender can do just as well as the other when it comes to raising kids.  This is half true.  The truth is that each gender performs a different role in marriage when it comes to raising children.
Children need a mother and a father.  Mother's perform one role when it comes to raising children and fathers a very different role, which cannot be fulfilled by the father and vice versa.
It is wrong/immoral.  So say many different religious beliefs.  According to homosexuals if you do not hold to their position you are a bigot and not allowed to vote.  So says judge Walker when he overturned prop. 8.
It goes against nature.  This should be obvious.  Just look at how males and females bodies are made and fit together.  It takes a man and a woman to make a baby.
It is unhealthy.  The average lifespan of a homosexual is about 20 years less than a heterosexual due to either domestic abuse or disease.
An amendment is needed to protect traditional marriage.  So far in nearly every state unless there is a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as a man and a woman same sex marriage is legalized by the courts and, so far, never by the people of that state.  Even then marriage amendments are being overturned by judges on some trumped up charge that it violates the U.S. Constitution somewhere.

consequences of gay marriage

Greatly decreased life span usually around 20 years less than average.

Origins of Homosexuality

Usually sexual abuse as children and/or a lack of a father.

Leaving The Homosexual Lifestyle

It takes work, but many claim success.  Just Google "leaving the homosexual lifestyle" and you will find many resources.  This seems like a good one to start with : Leaving Gay Lifestyle

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