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Resources on homosexuality
written by: admin

Date Written: 12/5/10 Last Updated: 2/13/24

Notable People
  • Ryan Anderson

  • Mark Regnerus

  • Rosaria Butterfield

  • Walt Heyer

    The Harms of Same-Sex Marriage

  • 10 Reasons Why Homosexual "Marriage" is Harmful and Must be Opposed
  • family research counsel
  • Heritage: U.S. marriage rate
  • One News Now
  • National Organization for Marriage
  • Former Homosexual Reveals 'Unmitigated Disaster of Gay Marriage'
  • Townhall: gay marriage Truths and Myths
  • http://www.allaboutlove.org/
  • video against same sex marriage legislation
  • http://www.alliancealert.org/2010/08/20/why–glenn–beck–is–wrong–about–legalizing–homosexual–marriage/

    Current litigation

  • http://freetobelieve.com/



    Comparing the Lifestyles of Homosexual Couples to Married (This is a placeholder).


    • 04/17/12: The veracity of the APA came into question around the mid-1970's when they decided to forgo the scientific method if it does not further their political goals. Please see the interview on 4/17/12 by Michel Lizotte of past APA president Dr. Nicholas Cummings on the political history of the APA. In it he discusses his decision to make a motion in 1975 to have homosexuality as a mental illness.


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