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Opera Stable: extensions
written by: admin

Date Written: 8/28/15 Last Updated: 5/6/23


  1. Images

    • View Image Info (properties) Allows you to view the image as well as details about the image (size, type, etc.)
      • Note: now located at Google Chrome webstore.
    • Images On/Off Adds a button to your extensions bar to toggle images on or off.
    • Gif Blocker Disables gifs.  Click on a gif to show the image.
    • Classic Images Allows you to save images using shortcuts used in Opera 12.x.
    • Imagus Hover over an image to see the full or higher resolution version.

  2. Youtube

  3. Article Reading and Note Taking

    • Google Keep A notepad for Opera that is synced to your Google account.  I'm a little skeptical, but only a little.  It looks secure enough.
    • Reader View View an article and nothing else.  This is primarily what I use Edit the page for, so this is very handy for me.
    • Notepad can only use one note, but there are no security issues and it is easy to use.
    • rss feeds
    • gmail notifier There are many to choose from, but I prefer this one.
    • Instant Dictionary Double click on a word to see its definition.  Better than the Google version which has spyware.

  4. Security, Privacy, and Javascript

    • Stop Reclame an ad blocker, however, this has an option to block websites.
    • AdBlock Plus Excellent and easy to use ad blocker.
    • Scriptsafe Sort of an ad blocker, but it also allows you to mask Opera as another browser. Privacy settings User-Agent Spoof: Chrome, Firefox, etc.
      • Note: may break many websites.
    • Luminous -- tutorial
    • User-Agent Switcher Mask browser as another browser or OS.  Kinda sad that we need this still in 2019.
    • LastPass A password manager alternative to Opera's password manager.
    • Show Password Displays passwords on websites as plain text as opposed to dots.
    • Opera Password Decryptor External file for viewing all Opera Passwords

  5. Misc

Removed/Expired Extensions

  1. Clearly
  2. Classic Notes
  3. For feeds Opera uses Opera Mail, which is separate from the browser.


Description: Sidebar opens up a vertical space on the left side of your browser for added functionality.  Functionality is added via sidebar extensions.  Here are a few that I recommend:

sidebar extensions


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