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Tuesday 4:54am

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I'm working on my next significant upgrade to my computer.  The last update was 12/2014 and before that my computer was purchased sometime in mid-2006 ref.  Before 2006 has been lost in memory; forgotten.

The big update I am working on this time is upgrading my video card from the 760 to the 1060.  I did a fair amount of research and apparently the 1060 is great for resolution and triple monitor support while still relatively inexpensive at about $200 and drastically less so compared to any similar cards.  There is also a good deal on monitors so I hope to pick one or two up tomorrow.

The part that I have not fully figured out is the cords needed.  Apparently, everything is compatible.  Well, we'll see in the next day or two how it all works out.

I did decide against upgrading my operating system and I will be sticking with Windows 7 a while longer yet.  I may upgrade to Windows 10, but not for a while yet if I ever do upgrade.


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