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Monday 11:48pm

Date Posted:

Interesting, it appears that when I create a memo blog post with a tag that does not exist, the tag is removed making it appear that the post was deleted.  This is only true if the only tag used is an as yet uncreated tag.

When debugging a file you need to first find out what triggers the bug.  Second, find out what causes the bug.  Third, fix the bug.  Currently, I am on the second stage.

I'll use this post as a test until it is fixed.  My goal is to change the tags on this post to bug and fixed.

Update 3/4/22: Rereading that 1st sentence in this post I know that it is true, but it doesn't make much sense.  I believe I was able to create a memo blog post that had no tags at all; not even "none".

Regardless, the bug where I could not create new tags has been fixed.  Memo posts can now be narrowed by multiple categories as well: bug+fixed

What happened was array_search would set the value of the variable even when no value was found.  This was remedied with

if ($var=="") unset($var);


TAGS: fixed, bug

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