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Wednesday 2:18pm

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What I need to do is have default data for the links and also retrieve the data like I mentioned in my previous post.

EDIT: I guess I am on another break from the search program.  It works now, but I am just not quite sure how to proceed.  This is the time where ideas float in and out of my head and get formed.  Right now my method for saving the data for easy editing later is not making sense to me and I am not going to proceed till it does make sense.  I will almost certainly throw out my current framework, which is why I am not implementing it at the moment.  I should probably be posting these thoughts in the search program page, but whatever.  I think that talking it out helps.

One idea I am also tinkering with is to remove the category limitation located on the search page and have the user type –webdesign to remove webdesign articles from the pool of results or :webdesign to limit the search to webdesign articles.


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