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9th circuit news

8/18/15 A constitutional right to lie?
10/14/14 How neutral is the ninth circuit in selecting judges?
7/28/14 4th Circuit invalidates Virginia marriage amendment
6/17/14 Marriage cases in circuit court
7/20/13 Ninth Circuit Orders Prop.8 videotapes to remain sealed
6/30/13 Justice Kennedy refuses to vacate Ninth Circuit's motion
6/29/13 Ninth circuit prematurely allows same sex marriages to resume
11/27/12 Bash Back! update
7/31/12 Prop.8 formally appeals to U.S. Supreme Court
6/13/12 Useful mp3 on current ADF marriage cases
6/5/12 Ninth Circuit refuses to rehear prop.8 case
5/29/12 Dates set for second DOMA challenge
2/24/12 Second federal judge strikes down DOMA
2/21/12 ADF will seek Ninth Circuit en banc review
2/7/12 Prop.8 is ruled unconstitutional by the 9th Circuit

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