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religious persecution news

10/20/14 9:51pm Some Ministers in Idaho required to officiate same sex weddings
1/20/14 11:03am Bureau of Labor and Industries find bakery guilty
8/22/13 8:22pm Elane's photography ordered to compromise their faith
7/12/13 9:42pm Hot cases to watch part 3
6/20/13 3:47pm Missouri state university disbands social work department
11/27/12 8:05pm Bash Back! update
4/30/12 10:19pm "Angry Queers"
1/27/12 12:06pm Sixth Circuit rules in favor of Julea Ward
3/15/11 1:58pm Hatred towards Christians Expands in Brazil
1/24/11 6:32pm Christians increasingly persecuted in the UK
10/15/10 2:42pm court decides that firefighters may not be forced to participate in gay pride parade
7/27/10 10:10pm Julea Ward must deny faith in order to graduate

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