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misc news

12/10/12 8:17pm Julea Ward Vindicated Today
11/27/12 8:05pm Bash Back! update
11/7/12 10:20pm Wisconsin republicans regain control of the state senate
10/28/12 5:45am 5th Circuit refuses to rehear Planned Parenthood Case
9/14/12 6:18pm Another Dane county judge tries to reinstate collective bargaining
9/3/12 3:23am Teachers unions hemorrhaging members in Wisconsin
8/29/12 11:45pm Mark Regnerus study methods vindicated
8/1/12 11:25pm CAAP president equates banning chik-fil-a to racial discrimination
6/5/12 11:05pm Scott Walker wins recall election
5/28/12 3:28am Wind Energy Outlook for 2012
5/7/12 5:39pm United Methodist Church will not normalize homosexuality
4/30/12 10:19pm "Angry Queers"
4/19/12 11:01pm Interview with Scott Walker one year later
4/4/12 10:29am Alaskan citizens vote against adding protections based on sexual orientation
1/30/12 12:39pm Is Europe becoming Pro-Life?

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