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religious discrimination news

2/17/17 12:11pm Washington state Supreme Court rules against Barronelle Stutzman
1/31/17 10:10pm University pays $25,000 to student expelled for religious beliefs
8/13/15 12:09pm Colorado Court of Appeals rules against cakeshop
1/24/15 10:31am UK apologizes for discrimination against Christian group
2/21/14 11:55pm What Arizona's SB 1062 really says
1/20/14 11:03am Bureau of Labor and Industries find bakery guilty
12/6/13 10:31pm Colorado court rules against Masterpiece Cakeshop
12/10/12 8:17pm Julea Ward Vindicated Today
8/1/12 11:25pm CAAP president equates banning chik-fil-a to racial discrimination
4/4/12 10:29am Alaskan citizens vote against adding protections based on sexual orientation
1/27/12 12:06pm Sixth Circuit rules in favor of Julea Ward

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